Blythe Thailand Workshop No.1 # Basic Customize (Part 2)

It seems that WordPress doesn’t support very long post. So I devided the galleries into 3 posts. Continue viewing !

PICT0396 PICT0397 PICT0398 PICT0399 PICT0400 PICT0401 PICT0402 PICT0403 PICT0406 PICT0407 PICT0408 PICT0409 PICT0411 PICT0412 PICT0413 PICT0414 PICT0415 PICT0416 PICT0417 PICT0418 PICT0420 PICT0421 PICT0422 PICT0423 PICT0424 PICT0425 PICT0426 PICT0428 PICT0429 PICT0430 PICT0432 PICT0433 PICT0434 PICT0436 PICT0437 PICT0439 PICT0440 PICT0442 PICT0445 PICT0446 PICT0448 PICT0449 PICT0450 PICT0451 PICT0452 PICT0453 PICT0454 PICT0455 PICT0456 PICT0457 PICT0458 PICT0460 PICT0462 PICT0463 PICT0464 PICT0465 PICT0466 PICT0467 PICT0468 PICT0469

PS. I didn’t put any watermarks on photos in this set but it doesn’t mean that you can freely use my photos. I allow only the people who is in the photo, is the owner of the doll in the photo and/or is the event organizer can freely use of my photos. Others can use them only in non-commercial related works. Using in commercial related works is prohibit.

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