Japan Trip 2 : Nippon Maru Memorial Park in Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama

Japan Trip 2 : Queen's Square

On the 7th day of my trip. I returned to Yokohama again after I went to Nogizaka46’s handshake event on the 3rd day.

Since I didn’t have to be hurry like the last time. I took Tokyo Metro Hibiya line to Naka-Meguro then took Tokyu Toyoko line.

Japan Trip 2 : Landmark Plaza

I hadn’t have breakfast yet. So I looked for some places to eat in Landmark Plaza.

Japan Trip 2 : JIN EMON

I went to Japanese style spaghetti restarurant “JIN EMON”. I used to have the dinner in its branch in my country.

I ordered the lunch set which consisted of spaghetti, miso soup and soft drink. My choice of spaghetti’s meat sauce & carbonara sauce spaghetti. It’ still as good as I used to eat in my country.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama - Nippon Maru

After finished the meal. I went to Nippon Maru Memorial Park nearby.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama Port Museum

The park is decorated with the ship part or machine using in the port. The one in the picture is air compressor used in shipyard.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama Port Museum

There is the maritime museum in the park. I didn’t visited it.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama - Nippon Maru

The Nippon Maru that permanetly docks in the park used to be the training ship for cadet between 1930 – 1984. Now it’s turned to the museum.

The ticket sold here can use to access both the maritime museum and the ship too.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama Port Museum

At the top of museum building is Lawn Square. You can lie down here and watch the great view of  Yokohama bay.

Japan Trip 2 : Yokohama Port Museum

Minato Mirai 21 area used to be docks and shipyards. The area was developed into the business center after they were moved.

Japan Trip 2 : Landmark Tower

Landmark Tower is on the opposite side of the park. There is observation deck called Sky Garden at the top of it.

Let’s walk around in the park.