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New LOVEPLUS Rinko Deluxe Complete Set

New LovePlus Rinko Deluxe Complete Set

On the last valentine Konami finally release New LOVEPLUS for Nintendo 3DS. After they postponed releasing on December 8th last year. I know many people have played it already while others try to find the game. (I think it will be harder due to Konami asked the dealer to stop selling it due to a lot of bugs.) Today I will show you the Rinko Deluxe Complete Set that I asked my agent to buy it and we are lucky enough to get it on the first batch of lottery sell.

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Nintendo DSi LL LOVEPLUS+ Nene Deluxe Pack Review

Nintendo DSi LL LOVEPLUS+ Nene Deluxe Pack

I think the people who follow the LOVEPLUS news will know that the new LOVEPLUS for Nintendo 3DS will be released on December 8th. Konami also release the 3DS bundle sets which feature the special design of 3DS hardware.

So I need to put the last review of LOVEPLUS NDSi LL bundle before the new bundle released. Let see the Nintendo DSi LL LOVEPLUS+ Nene Deluxe Pack.

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