Noblesse mobile phone from Eden of the East


I know that many people have already watch Eden of the East which is the new noitaminA anime produced by Production I.G. and you may saw the sporty and futuristic mobile phones used by Selecaos.


The Noblesse phone or ノブレス携帯 in Japanese is designed by NEC. From the picture on NEC site it seem that Noblesse phone is designed for the bike rider. When closed. The lid can slide to reveal the display beneath it. This feature has not seen yet in the anime.


For people who don’t know about Eden of the East. Here’s OP.


5 thoughts on “Noblesse mobile phone from Eden of the East

  1. CC

    The guy who likes Saki also uses N906i and one of Saki’s friends(the girl) also has N06iu. Both of those phones are made by NEC.

  2. A G Bell

    These handsets look like something out of a James Bond movie, far better than the bland phones that the telecom companies are turning out at present…


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