Roland US revealed the new PCR-series manual.

Edirol PCR-800

I has been looking for MIDI controller for 2 years and I still didn’t buy any because I don’t find any good controllers that suit my need and I don’t have enough money to buy them. (If I remember right the next four month, the items I ordered will come and I must go to pay for them.)

While I really like the function and the key of Novation SL 61 I saw the new PCR-800 (61 keys, 300 for 32keys and 500 for 49 keys) I think it’s looked good 18 pads (can use as buttons), transport buttons, 3 buttons,9 knobs, 9 slider, 1 cross fader (Sure, for their partner VJ software Motiondive.Tokyo) and auto mapping. Oh great! Price is cheaper than Novation and its weight is lighter than Novation.

Ok! I downloaded manual and find many interesting things:

  • Currently there are no auto mapping function (God damn!) but Cakewalk, Reason and Live have this function but I don’t know how quick they update their software to support PCR.
  • Surprise! The pad can transmit velocity or aftertouch. (I’m still confuse in its manual that it can send both or not. If it can send both, I don’t buy Akai MPD24.)
  • You can adjust velocity and aftertouch curve for both keyboard and pad. Good!
  • I read some comments from who tested it, they said the key is playable.

Now I’m interested in Edirol keyboard more than Novation. Even Remote can control live better than Edirol but the price is cheaper and 2 kilograms lighter. If I want to buy it, maybe I must save the money for it now. Roland distributer in Thailand usually sell the new models after they’re sold in US about 4 month.

For US people I see PCR-800 sold on Musicianfriend. The official price is 349US dollar. The same price as PCR-80 sold in Thailand. Street price is cheaper.

3 thoughts on “Roland US revealed the new PCR-series manual.

  1. noxz maze

    เฮ้อ ตอบเปงภาษาไทยละกัล
    แกนี่เล่นของแพงนะเนี่ย ช้านละเชื่อเรย

  2. Nikei

    Full scale MIDI COntroler might not useful for composing musics..
    Try another brands umm, eg… ESI or other 49 keys cont for your beginner work, Use it to make money then try to buy new one you need 🙂
    Somebody want to compose , they usualy find tools to make but, they find …find.. . At the end … cannot make anythings… so sadly..


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