Blythe eyes can’t be changed fix solution

Blythe stick eye fix solution

I want to write about this a long time ago. Recently there is someone asked about solution to fix this problem. So I wrote it.

I thought there are many cause that make your Blythe eyes can’t be changed such as removing eye mach and don’t put it back properly, over paint or over paste the glue on eyelid etc but I never do it. I just open the head and make sleep eyes.


When you pull the string to change eyes color. You feel the reaction from eye mach but when you pull all of string length. No click sound and Eyes aren’t changed. It often happen with the dolls which have the sleep eyes modification.


  • The eye mach is loosen by opening the Blythe head.
  • Keep the doll by lie it down with the eye lid closed.
  • From

    There are two strings behind Blythe’s head:
    +The string with the rose charm: use this string to close her eye lids and change her eye color
    +the string with the key charm: use this string to open her eye lids

    1. When you want to change the color of the eyes pull on the string with the rose charm, pull until you hear the eye change click.
    The click indicates the changing of the eyes. At this point her eyes should be shut. To open her eyes, pull the string with the key charm and watch her eyes magically open!

    If you keep the dolls eye’s closed for a longer duration than normal play time, you could wear out the eye mechanism. It may lessen the life of the doll and it may cause the eye mechanism to break over time.

    Please do not store or display your “Princess a la mode” with closed eyes for a long duration of time.

    2. By pulling on key string slowly you can enjoy a range of eye expressions from awake and perky to sleepy!

    If you pull both strings at once you will risk the chance of break the eye changing mechanism. This may lead to the doll being unable to open her eyes or not being able to change her eye color. If you pull on the rose string more then once without opening her eyes, that may also lead to damaging the mechanism.

    For proper use of the sleepy eye system please follow the directions above.
    1) Pull the rose charm string, the eyes will close and pull until you hear the eye changing click.
    2) Pull the key charm string alone and her eyes will magically open slower!

So if the doll’s eyes are closed for a long time, their machanic will wear off.


I’m trying pull the string to see how eye mach work and found that the left side of eye mach is responsible for changing the eye while the right side responsible for keep the eyes in the position with the T-bar.

When you pull the string. The right gear put the left gear to move forward so the eyes will changed with the help of curve plastic piece. The problem is the right gear’s teeth is slip and don’t touch the left gear’s teeth when you pull the string so the eyes isn’t changed.


Blythe stick eye fix solution

I cut the cotton bud stick into a little piece that little longer than a right gear’s teeth. make it touch the left gear’s teeth easier.

Side effect

This solution has the drawback. It’s make eyelid in some two eyed color (depend on which teeth you put the coton bud stick) don’t completely open. You can fix it by use the heavy sleep eyes pull ring, pull the sleep eye string heavier or tighten the T-bar more.

I hope it will help you solve your problem.

4 thoughts on “Blythe eyes can’t be changed fix solution

  1. copper

    thank you very much for your explanations, I’ll try to fix my doll as soon as possible. She was damaged after trying a gaze correction. but there’s one thing i don’t understand very well. when you put the cotton stick, you use some kind of glue or simply press it inside a blank space?

  2. AT1987 Post author

    I just put the cotton bud stick on the problem gear tooth. No glue is used.

    The stick will cover the gear tooth and make it touches the other gear.

  3. JENN

    Hi! This is what happened to my doll last night. All did was scalp swap and in the process the spring popped off. Was surprised once the spring was properly replaced eyes would not click. It appears to be the same issue with the gear slippimg. I’m going to try your method. I wonder why such uninvasive changes would cause this problem in the eye mech?

    Wish me luck!


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