Blythe Thailand Workshop No.1 # Basic Customize (Part 1)

Because Flickr free account only keeps 200 latest photos and (temporary) remove the picture that older than that. It also (temporary) deleted the set I made. ( I lost the Singapore Air Force aerobatic show set.) So I decided to put the photo set from this event on my website.

The event is very good and I hope they will do it again. I will write about the event later. Now enjoy!

PICT0318 PICT0319 PICT0320 PICT0321 PICT0322 PICT0323 PICT0324 PICT0327 PICT0328 PICT0330 PICT0331 PICT0332 PICT0334 PICT0335 PICT0336 PICT0338 PICT0339 PICT0341 PICT0342 PICT0343 PICT0345 PICT0346 PICT0347 PICT0348 PICT0349 PICT0350 PICT0351 PICT0352 PICT0353 PICT0354 PICT0355 PICT0356 PICT0357 PICT0358 PICT0360 PICT0361 PICT0363 PICT0364 PICT0367 PICT0368 PICT0369 PICT0370 PICT0371 PICT0372 PICT0373 PICT0374 PICT0375 PICT0376 PICT0377 PICT0378 PICT0379 PICT0380 PICT0381 PICT0382 PICT0386 PICT0387 PICT0388 PICT0389 PICT0390 PICT0395

PS. I didn’t put any watermarks on photos in this set but it doesn’t mean that you can freely use my photos. I allow only the people who is in the photo, is the owner of the doll in the photo and/or is the event organizer can freely use of my photos. Others can use them only in non-commercial related works. Using in commercial related works is prohibit.

Go to the 2nd, 3rd part.

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