Blythe Thailand Workshop No.1 # Basic Customize (Part 3)

The last part of the gallery. Enjoy !

PICT0470 PICT0473 PICT0475 PICT0476 PICT0477 PICT0479 PICT0480 PICT0481 PICT0482 PICT0483 PICT0484 PICT0485 PICT0486 PICT0488 PICT0491 PICT0493 PICT0494 PICT0495 PICT0496 PICT0497 PICT0498 PICT0500 PICT0502 PICT0503 PICT0505 PICT0506 PICT0507 PICT0508 PICT0509 PICT0510 PICT0512 PICT0514 PICT0515 PICT0516 PICT0517 PICT0519 PICT0520 PICT0521 PICT0522 PICT0523 PICT0524 PICT0526 PICT0529 PICT0531 PICT0532 PICT0533 PICT0534 PICT0535 PICT0536 PICT0537 PICT0538 PICT0539 PICT0541 PICT0542

PS. I didn’t put any watermarks on photos in this set but it doesn’t mean that you can freely use my photos. I allow only the people who is in the photo, is the owner of the doll in the photo and/or is the event organizer can freely use of my photos. Others can use them only in non-commercial related works. Using in commercial related works is prohibit.

Go to the 1st, 2nd part.

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