Blythe Thailand Workshop No.2 # Doll Photography Basic


Last Saturday I went to CURVE where is the pub at Eakkamai for visiting the 2nd workshop done by Blythe Thailand website but I arrived too late. So I had just joined the photograph session with other members. Here are the photographs from the event. Enjoy !

btw2-01 btw2-02 btw2-03 btw2-04 btw2-05 btw2-06 btw2-07 btw2-08 btw2-09 btw2-10 btw2-11 btw2-12 btw2-13 btw2-14 btw2-15 She's burnt Blazing Blythe btw2-18 btw2-19 btw2-19 btw2-20 btw2-21 btw2-22 btw2-23 btw2-24

This time I cropped all photos from 4:3 to 3:2 and haven’t edited the color because I want to know the color’s reproduced by my camera.

PS. I didn’t put any watermarks on photos in this set but it doesn’t mean that you can freely use my photos. I allow only the people who is in the photo, is the owner of the doll in the photo and/or is the event organizer can freely use of my photos. Others can use them only in non-commercial related works. Using in commercial related works is prohibit.

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