Figure Review: Kujou Hachie PVC from Bee-Be-Beat it!

Kujou Hachie PVC from Bee-Be-Beat it!

Designed by Itou Noiji
Sculpted by Kaiya Hajime (Acetone)
Production: Good Smile Company, Dragon Age Pure
Note: Come with Dragon Age Pure vol.4

pict0001.jpg pict0002.jpg pict0003.jpg pict0004.jpg pict0005.jpg pict0006.jpg pict0007.jpg pict0008.jpg pict0009.jpg pict0010.jpg pict0011.jpg pict0012.jpg pict0013.jpg pict0014.jpg pict0015.jpg pict0016.jpg pict0017.jpg pict0018.jpg pict0019.jpg pict0020.jpg pict0021.jpg pict0022.jpg pict0023.jpg pict0024.jpg pict0025.jpg pict0026.jpg pict0027.jpg

I know that this kit is a bit to old to review because there are many websites reviews this kit. I order this kit from Kinokuniya and it came a month slower than the release date in Japan. After I got this kit, I took some photographs and forgot it. I’ve finish the introduction. Let’s review this kit.

This kit isn’t good as you see from the cover of Dragon Age Pure but compare with the money you paid, the quality of this kit is acceptable. The bad point of this kit is the paint job. Even mine is better than others’ but there are some spilled color on the face. Another bad point is this figure can droop if you place it without support. It starts drooping about 3-4 days and after a week the body of this kit will be about 20 degree to the base. It’s the worst of this kit. If you want to place the support for it, you should support it at its left hair which is the most heaviest part of this kit. If it drooped, don’t panic. You have just bend her body until it come back to the normal state and then place some support for it like below picture.

7/10 for this kit. I want to give it less score because it can droop but it’s Itou Noiji design. The figure sculpting is very good and the chain she hold is looked good.

PS. I still haven’t read the book. Just look through it. My Japanese isn’t good and the book contain many Kanji. It take much time for me to read it.

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