Figure Review: Nonaka Haru from Sing “Yesterday” for Me

Figure Review: Haru from Sing

Presented by Tomei Kei
Sculpted by Miyagawa Takeshi
Production: Shueisha
Note: Come with Sing “Yesterday” for Me vol.5 Limited Edition

haru-2.jpg haru-3.jpg haru-1.jpg haru-4.jpg haru-5.jpg haru-6.jpg haru-7.jpg haru-8.jpg haru-9.jpg haru-10.jpg haru-11.jpg haru-12.jpg haru-13.jpg haru-14.jpg haru-15.jpg haru-16.jpg

I won’t talk about manga. If you want to know more about Sing “Yesterday” for Me, Just search it by Google or something. The manga is good and Kei’s drawing is unique. He don’t use screen tone often but use shading instead. It make his mangas have dark tone. Example is his manga “The Hour of the Mice” which has been serialize in Afternoon magazine.

About the kit. I bought it last Saturday at Kinokuniya. The price is rather high in my opinion but this kit is better than I thought. Painting is good. It would be better if her leg hasn’t the black gross stain. I don’t have any complaints about this kit when compare with its price.

I give this kit score 9/10. Minus one point for the stain. If you are the fan of Tomei Kei don’t miss this kit.

5 thoughts on “Figure Review: Nonaka Haru from Sing “Yesterday” for Me

  1. fetjuel

    Hi, thanks for the review. I am a big Toume Kei fan and I just ordered this from Amazon Japan. I’m glad to see such good photos of the figure.


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