Figure Review: Pachira from Magipoka

Figure Review:Pachira from Magipoka

Designed by Hirata Katsuzou
Sculpted by
Tokunaga Hironori
Release Date: April 25th, 2007
Production: Max Factory
Price: 5500 Yen, 2200 Baht

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This is very surprise kit that I bought because I didn’t think that I can get it very fast. I ordered revise lot from my usual shop but when I went to take my Max’s Haruhi last month (Looking forward to review soon with the version come with manga soon.) I saw her on the shelf of the Goodsmile dealer shop which I went to place order for Zegapain’s Kaminagi Ryoko figure by Alter. (Bad news I placed the order late so I can’t get her with dealer price which 300 baht cheaper!) I decided to bought it and cancel the order from my usual shop and placed order for Haruhi PS2 game limited edition instead. It come with Chouyusha Haruhi figma figure.

Ok! Let’s take a look at the kit. This kit is very well made. Very good paint job and detail but there are few small blemish on her hair. This kit features Max Factory’s Polo System which mean you can remove some part of the figure in this case you can remove her dress. (I’m not pervert.) The inside has very great detail. My friend which study art like this very much. I think it is this kit selling point. The base is made from ABS plastic. It’s looked great but easily to get dirt.

For people who don’t know who’s the hell is Pachira. She is one of the heroine from Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Poka~n or Magipoka in short. She is the vampire princess who lives with other princesses who are witch, Werewolf and Robot. Her voice caster is Hirano Aya. (The same person who voices Haruhi.) For your info, after This program finish running, Haruhi start boardcasting. So that is her role which many people don’t know. (and she also sang the ending song too!)

9/10. If mine hasn’t any blemish. I give 10 for sure.

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