Finally they meet each other. 1/72 Zegapain Altair review

Zegapain Altair & Kaminagi Ryoko

Finally I got them all. Zegapain’s heroine “Kaminagi Ryoko” and its machine Zegapain Altair.
First, I almost haven’t any chance get Kaminagi because of my careless. In my country, Zegapain isn’t popular so the Dealer didn’t order her and when I went to order. It’s too late. So I asked my usual shop to get her for me. After the order is successful. The figure is sent to me late but who care since I got her.

For Zegapain Altair, I was lucky enough too get it at Bandai Plamo Con at Central World. The price is high even it was discounted. If you get it from Sapan Leng (Thailand’s Akihabara toy, anime and game section), you can buy it cheaper than me but I was lazy to find it. (I think it’s sold out and I must place an order.) So I bought it.

Althought I’m very busy . I want to see the Altair stands next to Kaminagi so I assemble it.

There are many clear part so it makes your cutting harder because you must cut the part without any blemish because it makes clear part look bad. The other part is sparkle paint plastic which you also be careful when cut too.

Zegapain parts

The assembly is easy. There have almost no gap if you assemble it carefully. There are also the basic electronic parts (Just LED and some small wires.) that very easy to assemble.

Because of my business I have just finished its torso. I think it’s looked good without coloring it.

Zegapain torso

Height comparation.

Size compare. It’s slightly taller and bigger than Ryoko.

Because I haven’t finished assembly it yet. I can’t conclude this kit. Let’s continue this next time.

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