GUNDAM EXPO Thailand 2008

Although Thailand is the 7th most dangerous in the world, we still has the event like this in my country. If my memory is still OK, this is the longest manga/anime event in my country.

GUNDAM EXPO Thailand 2008 will be hold at newly opened Central Changwattana between 10 – 21 December and the highlight of this event is:

  • The world first 4 meters Exia Gundam.
  • The army of Master Grade Gundam.
  • Special limited Gundam goods.
  • Cosplay,  Karaoke and other activities.

Here’s the event schedule.

10 December

  • Movie
    Showing the highlight of 30th anniversary Gundam anime and ohter Gundam anime trailers.

13 – 14 December

  • Quiz
    Gundam mania quiz show and have a chat with other Gundam manias.
  • Game

20 – 21 December

  • Cosplay contest.
  • Karaoke contest.
  • Doujinshi.
  • X’Mas event.

If you have the business in Thailand during these day, feel free to visit the event. Currently there are no mobs in my country so it’s safe to visit now.

Does your country has the event like this ? Feel free to share.

More info:

DEX website. (In Thai)

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