2009 December – 2010 February

Haha-chan's new year present

Hello again. I didn’t update my blog for a long time due to my work. Now I have a free time to write something on my blog. First I want to write about my work during last 3 months but I think I should like about it later separate it from this post. So I wrote about my achievements last year and my this year targets.

My achievements last year.

  • Complete bachelor degree on time so I went to last year commencement with my classmates. (If not I have to go to it this year with my juniors.)
  • Have opportunity to work with the company which has fruit like name. (I’ve already left at the time of writing.)
  • My other blog named RE.V-> is quite popular.
  • Bought PlayStation 3 with my own money.
  • Created home theater room. (Shared money with my parents.)

What I wanted to do last year but didn’t do.

  • Update blog engine to latest version and renew blog theme.
  • Missed buying Love Plus (When I saw it first time. I don’t like it.) and Tokimeki Memorial 4 Konami Style set.
  • Write a blog post per week.

Then these are what I want to do this year.

  • Buy a new computer. I bought it on February.
  • Buy a Nintendo DS for playing Love Plus and/or buy Sony PSP for playing Tokimeki Memorial 4.
  • Buy less. Save more money.
  • Reduce my weight.

I don’t know that I can do everything I listed but I will try.


Carve the new path New ThinkPad

I don’t think that I will have an opportunity to join product release events since I got the job. I missed Sony Bloggie video cam event. (Sorry. Please don’t forget me. If you have other event, feel free to invite me again. I will go if I have free time.) Luckily I got an invitation from Lenovo to their ThinkPad Edge release event and I had  free time to visit.

Event pictures at RE.V->.


These are some items I bought or got during three months.


2009 December items

  • Clear version of Gundam Exia repair ver. & 0 Gundam set and clear version of Gundam 00. When I bought I also got Serpent Custom metalclear version and some SD Gundam goodies as freebies.
  • Lucky Star girls and Muv-Luv Alternative Mitsurugi Meiya UN Troop Ver. figma. They’re 50% discount so I bought them. Also got Fate/Stay Night strap as freebie.
  • Hobby Japan magazine. It comes with XN Raiser part for 00 Gundam plamo. Young Ace come with Ayanami Rei figure by  Kaiyodo. 49 th issue of Continue and G’s magazine come with Love Plus’s Nene waterproof poster.
  • 3 Love Plus no Moto art book and Love Plus Official Guide book.
  • 2 Bungaku Shoujo light novels
  • Kinokuniya bag for customers who bought over 2,000 Baht
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Big Screen Edition BD.

My iPod Nano Gen.5

Got iPod nano G.5 from company new year party. I think it’s good media player but it’s purple. -_-“


adidas Originals + Star Wars collection : Darth Vader SUPERSTAR II shoes

Darth Vader SUPERSTAR II shoes. Read the review here.

Emily the Strange mobile phone purse

Emily the Strange mobile phone purse

Emily the Strange mobile phone purse but I use it for iPod nano. This bag is expensive but I got promotion coupon from customers so I got it for free.


Assembling my new computer.

New computer. It’s Intel Core i7 860 and ATi HD5870 inside the Cooler Master CM690. I use this beast for surf the Internet and write blog posts. >_< (Just kidding.)

Ar Tonelico 3 Sofmap version and Gust Shop Combo set D - CD Saikyou DX Set

Ar Tonelico 3. I will write about it later. The reason that I didn’t write it right away like I do when I got Rorona no Atelier is I haven’t got all item in this set. Now I’ve already got all items in this set so the review’s coming soon. About the game. I haven’t finish phase 1 yet.

That’s all. I will write about my work experience in three months later.

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