Dengue fever and Heaven’s Prison limited edition.


Last week I had a Dengue fever which many people around my village had. I have been in the hospital for 3 days and it’s the living hell. Why? Because I was took the blood for test every 4 hours. It’s OK for me but for couldn’t go to the toilet is bad because they used the pump with my saline injection so I can’t move around. It’s bad for people who go to toilet frequently like me.However I got better and now I’m home playing Starcraft. So people don’t let the mosquito bite you!Yesterday I went to Kinokuniya to take the book I ordered. It’s Heaven’s Prison vol.3 limited edition. I will reviewed the figure come with this book soon but now let’s take a little look.

box pict0060.jpg pict0062.jpg pict0063.jpg

I thought this kit is very innovative even it can’t compare the revoltech series by Kaiyodo. I am also little disappoint in this kit because the quality is not the same as the prototype model and I prefer black joint rather than white joint. Althought white joint make the kit hide the joint but black joint is looked more cool than white.

If I have the time I will make the full review of it. It’s very interesting kit.

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