ENAKO in Bangkok

Enako in Bangkok

Last week I got the chance to buy panache! CD single from ENAKO who is the center of this cosplayer idol group in person. Let’s see how is it.

Tell the truth. I haven’t pay attention to cosplay for a long time but I still know ENAKO from her LOVEPLUS‘s Manaka cosplay. I think her Manaka cosplay is very cute and look like what the real Manaka should be.

After I heard that she will attend some events and then go to Kinokuniya Central World Plaza branch to sell her CD single. Luckily I had some business at Central World Plaza too. So I entered the queue for buying hers.

Enako in Bangkok

The event started at six. ENAKO entered the store in Macross F’s Ranka Lee costume. Kondo-san from Negibose, the interpreter in blue costume and Japanese photographer with Sony SLR and Carl Zeiss lens also came with her.

Enako in Bangkok

Although the queue wasn’t long. (40 – 50 queues) but there weren’t enough CD. I got the last one. While Kondo-san who controlled the fan who bought the CDs today went to downstairs to buy the paper for ENAKO to sign on. I had a chance to talk to her with my terrible Japanese.

AT1987: Dai fan desu. – I’m your big fan.

ENAKO: Arigatou. – Thank you.

AT1987: Your Manaka cosplay is very cute. (The interpreter’s confused. Who is Manaka ?)

ENAKO: (She remembered.) Ah Arigatou !

When she gave me the signed CD

AT1987: Tsuki single wa tanoshimi desu. – I’m look forward to your new single.

ENAKO: Arigatou gozaimatsu.

After took the CD from your hand and asked her to look at my camera which I asked the person in front of me to take my photo with her. (Thank you for your help.) She shook hand with me. I bowed to her and go outside the store then return again for taking some photos.

Enako in Bangkok

Due to the CD was out of stock, ENAKO signed on the hard paper instead. (You have to pay for that paper too.)

Enako in Bangkok

Enako in Bangkok

Since there are a lot of fan and the area is very small, I couldn’t take a lot of photos. Especially when the event finished and she posed for photo, many people tried to get close to her for taking the photo.

Enako in Bangkok

Let’s see the CD I got. It’s panache! Kirameki Miraizu Type B. This one is pressed in Japan by Sony Music Japan. Not burned CD-R as some people in the event thought.

Enako in Bangkok

There are two types for this single. A and B. The photo set in the second CD is different.

Enako in Bangkok

ENAKO signed on the cover of booklet. Also drew additional heart on it. Earlier fan brought back his booklet and asked her to draw some hearts too.

Enako in Bangkok

There is a small card inside. Mine is Itsuki Akira.

For the music, It’s produced by Clean Tears who is the famous producer who using Vocaloid in his work. The music genre is Akiba pop with small and cute vocal. I love it.

Conclusion. It’s great to see and touch her in person. She’s really cute in person. It’s once in the lifetime opportunity for me that I will not forget.

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