Europe Trip 1 : Graz: Austria’s City of Universities

Uhrturm on Schlossberg

In my first Europe trip, I also had a chance to visit Austria in addition stayed in Germany for almost a week.

In this post, I wrote about my experience visiting Graz, the capitol of Styria, the state in the southeastern of Austria. It is famous for history, culture and the places of 4 colleges and universities.

Lufthansa CityLine Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen

We used the Lufthansa CityLine’s service which flew us in from Munich to Graz by its Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen.

Graz Central Train Station

The flight took only about 1.5 hours and we were at Graz Airport. Since it had already been late. We only went to check in at the hotel near Graz Central Train Station and concluded my sixth day of the trip.

Hauptplatz-Congress Stop

I didn’t have the chance to walk around the city since I was busy after my arrival. However, one day, in the evening, I got a chance to walk around Hauptplatz, the square in the center of city by taking the trams from Graz Central to Hauptplatz-Congress stop.

Rathaus der Stadt Graz

The most important building in this square is the city hall which has been in there since 1550. The building was rebuilt 2 times. First time was in 1803 and Second time was in 1893 which is the one we see nowadays.

The square itself was also redesigned to be the wide empty area for various events in 2002.

Archduke Johann Fountain

Other city symbol which has been in the center of square since 1878 is Archduke Johann fountain. It is dedicated to Archduke Johan who started initiatives which effected the city development. The 4 goddess sculptures that surrounds his sculpture are the symbols of 4 rivers which surround Graz.

Sackstrasse Street

I walked from Hauptplatz to Sackstrasse street to go to Uhrturm. The clock tower that is the Graz symbol on Schlossberg hill.


It took about 5 minutes to reach Schlossbergplatz where we walked to the Schlossberg.

It’s time to find the way to go to the top of Schlossberg.

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