Europe Trip 1 : Having Bavarian lunch at Zum Franziskaner

Zum Franziskaner

We are still on the forth day of my Europe trip. This time I write about the lunch I had at Zum Franziskaner where is famous for Bavarian style food.

Zum Franziskaner

The restaurant is in Munich old town where you can walk from Marienplatz station. At first I found the restaurant was very crowded on the day I visited. But it had more tables available than I thought and we got a table for having our lunch.

Pretzels at Zum Franziskaner

Like other German restaurants we had earlier, we were served hot baked pretzels after ordering the food. Although I like their crispy and salty, they were a little hard to chew for me.

White Beer Obatzda at Zum Franziskaner

At almost the same time as pretzels, White Beer Obatzda which is Bavarian style beer seasoned cheese paste and restaurant recommended dish was served. I didn’t tried it since it was ordered by the others.

Garden salad at Zum Franziskaner

Garden sedalad’s fresh and delicous.

Boiled Bavarian Beef at Zum Franziskaner

The dish I ordered is a Boiled Bavarian Beef which is Bavarian style boiled beef with horseradish slices on top. I thought it is tough and its taste is come from the beef itself. I also thought the water used to boil the meat is tasteless and it isn’t for eating like a soup.

Cream Spinach and Crispy Potato at Zum Franziskaner

This dish also served with cream Spinach and crispy Potato which I thought they were delicous than I expected.

The half of Schweinshaxe at Zum Franziskaner

It would be a shame if we didn’t order Schweinshaxe at German restaurant. Here served it with mashed potato. I didn’t have any comment since I didn’t eat it.

Zum Franziskaner

In my opinion, Zum Franziskaner is a good place to have food and beverage. I think their food is good but the dish I ordered isn’t the one they recommended. So I don’t feel any special with their food. I only hope I will have a chance to try their food again in the future.

Next time I will write about my Nymphenburg Palace visit. Please look forward to it.

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