Isetan Bangkok re-opening

Isetan Bangkok Re-Opening

There is the protest in Bangkok 2 – 3 months ago. (I think you know what I mean right ?) It made several shopping complexes to close. One of them is Isetan which is one of the two Japan department stores still open in Thailand. The condition went badly when the protester burnt the Central World Plaza where is Isetan is on.u Luckily the Isetan part is safe. Now Isetan open again on 24th June after checking building condition and I went to the first day of re-opening too.

Isetan Bangkok Re-Opening

The business I have with it is to get the books I ordered at Kinokuniya between the protest. There is a small ceremony in the front of the building.

For those who don’t know. Kinokuniya is Japanese book stores from Japan. They have several branches in foreign countries. In Thailand they have 3 branches but the branches that sell Japanese book is here. Others have focus on Chinese, English and Thai books.

Isetan Bangkok Re-Opening

Although I went lately. I still get the fan from the Isetan workers who stand in the line at the front gate. They are very polite. The fan I got has the company motto “Happiness” on it. (The kanji on fan says “shiawase” which means happiness in Japanese.)

Kinokuniya 1st day opening

There were a lot of people on that day because there was a promotion. It’s 50% discount on Japanese magazines which released between the protest. There weren’t any promotion for book but for people who ordered the books and theirs came to store between the protest got 20% discount on them.

I saw many Japanese housewives and anime lovers came to buy discount magazines. I tried to pick some too but it’s very crowd. So I gave up and pick the books I ordered instead.

Fans from Isetan Bangkok Re-Opening and my books

Here’s what I got. They are Dengeki Love Plus I ordered. I had just known on that day that these books are counted as magazines and I got 50% discount on them too. Lucky !

If I have my free time, I will review them.

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