Japan Trip 2 : Chirstmas Illumination in Roppongi


On the night before I watched TV program that featured AKB48’s Umeda Ayaka visiting several Christmas illumination in Tokyo. One of them was Tokyo Midtown’s Starlight Garden in Roppongi.

National Art Center Tokyo

I took the train at Meiji-jingumae station to Nogizaka station. I exited the station at National Art Center because it’s the nearest exit to Roppongi Hills.

Roppongi Hills

I went through the silent alley. Fortunately there are signs telling the way to Roppongi Hills. Roppongi Hills North Tower’s on my sight.

Roppongi Hills

Then walked to Metro Hat and Mori Tower where are the center of Roppongi Hills.

Roppongi Hills

The Christmas tree in front of Mori Tower. I heard that there was Christmas illumination here but I didn’t come here to see it.

West Walk

I visited West Walk for buying a sunglasses at spectre JINS. However it’s failed like at ALOOK on the first day. Staff can’t speak English but she tried to understand me by using Google Translate app on her iPad.


I didn’t forget to take a photo of Maman before leaving.

KONAMI HQ at Tokyo Midtown

I took a long walk from Roppongi Hills to Tokyo Midtown. During walking I saw Tokyo Metro’s Roppongi station and realized that my plan was wrong.

I planed to go to Ginza after I bought a sunglasses and saw Starlight Garden. To go to Ginza I had to take the Hibiya line train at Roppongi station.

Because Roppongi Hills is near Roppongi station and Tokyo Midtown is near Nogizaka station. So I should visit Tokyo Midtown first then visit Roppongi Hills in one go. No need to walk back and forth between them.

Midtown Christmas

Starlight Garden is the one of Midtown Christmas event. Tokyo Midtown decorated several places inside in Christmas theme and created a course for visitors.

Midtown Christmas

One of them was Santa Claus statues in front of Midtown Tower.

KONAMI HQ at Tokyo Midtown

On the right is Midtown East where is the KONAMI headquarter.


I remembered that KONAMI STYLE physical store is here too. Since I used to be LOVEPLUS player. It’s a great opportunity to see how is it.


It’s quite disappoint. There weren’t many items inside especially LOVEPLUS’s goods. So I took a photo of ads in front of the store.


The crowd looked at the BWW hybrid car i8 CONCEPT.

Now Let’s go to Starlight Garden.

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