Japan Trip 2 : Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

It’s the ninth day of my second Japan trip. This day I began my trip at Tokyo Tower.

Kamiyacho Station

There are many way to go to Tokyo Tower. I chose to take the Hibiya line train to Kamiyacho station. The station also helping by telling which exit that can lead the way to Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

There are the signs on the road too.

Tokyo Tower

Follow the sign and you will see Tokyo Tower on your sight.

Tokyo Tower

Christmas tree in front of the tower.

Tokyo Tower

There was an event outside. Full of food vendors and the truck.

Tokyo Tower

I went to ticket booth on the left for buying observatory ticket. Coincidentally I met the same foreign women I met before at Meiji Shrine.

Tokyo Tower

Got the Main Observatory ticket.

Tokyo Tower 1st floor

To went to Main Observatory. You need to take the elevator from Foot Town that is the building under Tokyo Tower. However I went to the second floor finding something to eat first.


There are a lot of souvenir stores on the 2nd floor.

Tokyo Banana at Tokyo Tower

Caramel flavor Tokyo Banana Gao also are sold here. If you miss them, you can buy it at Tokyo Station or duty free store in Haneda Airport.

Gotochi Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty always follows us wherever we go.

Tokyo Curry Lab

I found Tokyo Curry Lab looked so delicious. So I went to have my breakfast/lunch here.

Tokyo Curry Lab

There are the small screen on the counter. They’re shown Charlie’s Angels movie. Don’t know the reason why they do this.

Tokyo Curry Lab

I ordered omelet curry rice. The taste is a little sweet. What I like most is its dish that I can eat all of curry easier.

Tokyo Tower

I took the elevator to Tokyo Tower’s Main Observation.

It’s time to see Tokyo scenery from Tokyo Tower.

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