Japan Trip 2 : Eating gyoza in NamJaTown

Namja Town

After I tried to resist my hunger from Daikanyama. It’s time to enjoy gyoza at NamJaTown where is the indoor amusement park in Ikebukuro.


It’s very easy to go here by taking Yamanote line to Ikebukuro station. However you have to walk to Sunshine City where it’s it and that’s quite far from the station.

Sunshine City

Reached Sunshine City.

Sunshine City

AQUA STAR TREE that is Sunshine City’s Christmas tree. Don’t look like it.

Namja Town

The tickets can be bought from the machine in front of the park. There are 2 types of ticket. The park entry only ticket and passport that also include unlimited ride entry.

Namja Town

Put the ticket on the reader to open the gate.

Madoka Illustration Prize

The Madoka Magical drawing sample. Its the prize from Madoka Magical The Rebellion Story promotion.

Namja Gyoza Stadium

I went to Namja Gyoza Stadium where 10 gyoza restaurants around Japan is in.

Namja Town

Here is like a food court. Buy the food from your favorite vendor and find the vacant table for eating.

Namja Gyoza Stadium - Paou

I saw Paoh had a long queue. So I chose this.

Ebi Chahan & Gyutonpo

I bought Gyutonpo from Pooh and Ebi Shaman from Hanetsuki Kyoza no Kyouen.

Ebi Chahan & Gyutonpo

Gyutonpo is the beef stuffed gyoza. The taste is the best. There aren’t any smell from beef. You can also feel the soup inside when you bite it.

Paoh staff gave me a cup of water while I ate at their counter bar. Love how they care their customers.

Patisserie Cute

Main course finished. It’s time for dessert. I went to buy the cake from Patisserie Cute in Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho.

Which cake I should eat ?

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