Japan Trip 2 : Tokyo Solamachi


After I went to NamJaTown in last post. I didn’t know where I wanted to go. However I realized that I have to revisit TOKYO SKYTREE again for not seeing any but fog when I visited last time.

Oshiage Station

I took the train to Oshiage station where connects to TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN.

Solamachi Tabe-Terrace

Since my stomach digested all of gyoza I ate at NamJaTown. I searched for somewhere to eat from Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District on the first floor to Solamachi Dining on 7th – 8th floor.

Unluckily all restaurants were full so I went to eat at the food court Solamachi Tabe-Terrace on the thrid floor.


I ate Tokusei Akamaru from Ippudo Noodle Express. It’s tonkatsu style soul with Mentaiko on the top. The taste is OK but I don’t like the thin noodle used in many ramen shops from Fukuoka.

Rilakkuma store

Rilakkuma Store near the food court.


After finished the dinner. It’s time to revisit TOKYO SKYTREE again. However the ticker selling was closed. So I missed the chance to revisit this time.

Tree Village Tokyo

There was some time until it’s closed. I stopped at Tree Village Tokyo on the same floor. It’s the shop that sell item from TV program like F Island at Fuji TV. However it sells the items from other channel programs except NHK.

Tree Village Tokyo - Miss PILOT & Galileo

MISS Pilot and Galileo from Fuji TV.

Tree Village Tokyo - Legal High

Legal High items sold here weren’t different from the ones at F Island.

Tree Village Tokyo - THE iDOL M@STER

Special The iDOL M@STER items from TBS.

Tree Village Tokyo - Hanzawa Naoki

The item from last year famous drama Hanzawa Naoki.

Tree Village Tokyo - Funassyi

Funassyi had her own special section.

NHK Character SHOP

The reason that Tree Village Tokyo doesn’t have NHK item because NHK also open its own store beside Tree Village Tokyo.


I passed TOKYO BANANA TREE shop on the way back to Oshiage station. I bought TOKYO BANANA Choco Banana flavor that is sold in TOOKY Solamachi only.

Minami Senju

Saw the Christmas theme light from SKYTREE. I told myself I will come back next time.

That’s all of the ninth day of the trip. Next post will be the last day of the trip that began with Nogizaka46 individual handskake event. Please look forward to it.

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