Japan Trip 2 : JR Tokyo Station & Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Station

There was still some time left after I went back to Tokyo from Nogizaka46 event. So I went to Akihabara and then took a walk at Tokyo Station.

e-earphone Akihabara

At Akihabara I went to e-earphone again for discounted headphones but unlucky it’s out of stock.

Yodobashi Akiba

Then I went to Tower Records at Akiba Yodobashi for returning the AKB48 single that I repeated buying. At first I think I had to keep it but I saw the detail how to return it in the English reciept.

The process is quite easy. Just bring the item, novelty gift, original reciept and point card (If you have it.) to the branch where you bought the item from. Staff will edit the purchase history on their computer and return the edited receipt and money to you.

On the ground floor of Akiba Yodobashi I found Red Zaku at Canon booth. So I took a photo of it.

Tokyo Station

After finished everything at Akihabara. I took the train back to Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

I looked around the station for dinner place and the shopping mall named First Avenue Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station

Most restaurants outside were closed. I went back to the station for shopping mall.

Tokyo Station

I walked from Marunouchi side to Nihombashi side and didn’t find it. I learned later that it is in Tokyo Metro station. Not JR one.

Tokyo Station - Kitchen Street

However I found Kitchen Street where many restaurants are in.


I hadn’t chance to try Oyakodon in Japan. So I though it’s a good time to try it at Donburiko.

Donburiko - Oyakodon

I ordered Oyakodon set. The taste is good. It’s little salty. Egg is very soft. I think it’s better than the ones I ate in my country.

Tokyo Station - Police Station

9nine’s Kawashima Umika in police uniform.

Tokyo Station

There were still some time left before departure time. I planed to walk around the station. Before that I visited JR  EAST Tourist Information Center for asking how to go to Haneda Airport from here.

I didn’t forget to check if Kawaguchi Haruna JR SKI SKI leaflets were available or not. However they weren’t

Let’s take a walk around Tokyo Station.

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