Japan Trip 3 : Koedo Kawagoe in Rainy Day

Toki no Kane

After I finished my breakfast and lunch. It’s time to walk around Little Edo or Koedo in Kawagoe.

Nakacho Tourist Information Center

I left Ogakiku and walked toward the north on Taisho-roman street until I found Nakacho Tourist Information Center.

Kurazukuri Zone

I continued walking to the left side until I found Nakacho intersection where Kurazukuri or Old Werehouse Zone is on the north of it.

Kurazukuri Zone

A lot of old buildings are on this area. Most of them are traditional Japanese confectionery and souvenirs stores.

Harou Saisai at Kawagoe

There is a store that sells Hello Kitty collaboration goods likes other famous tourist attractions too.

Hozenji Temple

I found Hozenji Temple which I think it’s too silent to be a tourist spot.

Toki no Kane

On the right of the Toki no Kane Irikuchi intersection is the street where the Kawagoe’s symbol “Toki no Kane” is on.

Toki no Kane

Toki no Kane is the bell clock tower which is built in 1627 – 1634. However it was destroyed by fire for several times. The latest one is built after the Kawagoe great fire in 1893.

Toki no Kane

There’s the path under the tower. Let’s see what’s inside.

Toki no Kane

The ladder is blocked to prevent people climbing it.

Yakushi Shrine

Behind the tower is a very small shrine named Yakushi Shrine.

Toki no Kane

The information board on the left says the tower is 16 meters height.

Kurazukuri Zone

The rain was more heavy so I couldn’t have fun to take photos anymore. Finally I ran to the nearest bus stop to take a bus back to the station.

Koedo Kawagoe Loop Bus

I got a Koedo Kawagoe Loop Bus to bring me back to Kawagoe Station.

Kawagoe Station

I went to JR East platform to take the train to the next destination.

Next time I will write about JR East’s The Railway Museum. Please look forward to it.

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