Amachan Location Tour : Kosode Coast Fishing Port

Kosode Coast

After I rode the bicycle from Kuji Station to Kosode Coast in the last post. Finally I was at the fishing port where Amachan filming took place. Let’s look around this area.

Monument of the birthplace of JeJeJe

At the area I parked my bicycle. There is a stone tablet with the word “Je Je Je” that is built to celebrate its Word of the Year 2013 winning.

Je Je Je is a native exclamation which Amachan writer Kankuro Kudo put in the drama. So it is very famous and wins the prize above.

Kosode Coast

The fishing port is surrounded by a wave barrier. For those who read my last port, the small lighthouse is on the end of the barrier.

Kosode Coast Fishing Port

Beside the road, there are vendors who sell fresh seafood and famous native dishes such as Unidon and Mamebu soup.

Northern Ama Hometown Monument

Other than Je Je Je monument. There is Northern Ama hometown monument too. There are many Ama divers in Japan but the northern one is from Kosode.

Kosode Coast Monitoring Hut

There is a monitoring hut on the cliff behind the port. It is one of filming location too.

Kosode Coast Fishing Port

At the end of the road are Kosode Ama Center and a small bridge to the other side of fishing port and Meoto-iwa.

Then I went to the other side of the bridge.

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