Japan Trip 3 : Meiji Shrine & Ebichu Hall Tour 2015 goods sale

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Tobidase Zen10 Hall Tour 2015 ~Wakku Waku Haru Balloon GoGo~

On the second day my plan was seeing Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Tobidase Zen10 Hall Tour 2015 ~Wakku Waku Haru Balloon GoGo~ concert at NHK Hall. Because concert name is very long. I shorten it to Ebichu Hall Tour 2015 instead.

Harajuku Station

From the schedule the concert goods were sold at noon. I got an advice that I should be in the line 2 hours for buying famous idol groups goods. However I don’t want to spend a day only for this. So I woke up earlier and get the train to Meij – Jinkumae Station for visiting Meiji Shrine.

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine open hours is depend on the sunrise and sunset time. At the time I visited the shrine. The sun shines fully at about 6 AM. So shrine opened earlier than the winter season I visited last time.

Meiji Shrine

Because it’s rainy season. I had to take care my camera not to get wet. Very annoying.

Meiji Shrine

Although the shrine opened earlier. The amulet store opens at 9 AM. I had to wait until it opened and buy some amulets before leaving.

Yoyogi National Stadium

On the way to NHK Hall, I missed my way and went to Yoyogi National Stadium where Tamura Yukari concert was held.

NHK Broadcasting Center

I went to the wrong street when I left Yoyogi National Stadium. So I reached the front of NHK Broadcasting Center. (NHK Hall is at the back of NHK.)

Then I continued walked to NHK Hall.

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