Japan Trip 3 : Morioka

Morioka Station

Although the important of Morioka is the transportation hub in Iwate. Morioka also has attractions and delicious food.

So my forth day of the trip, before I had to get on the train to Miyako on the late morning.  I had a time left to see attractions in Morioka.

Kai-un Bashi Bridge

After I finished my breakfast. I began walking from the under renovated Kai-un Bashi Bridge to the other side of Kitakami River.

Morioka Castle

I walked for about 20 minutes to the first attraction Morioka Castle Ruins. Only stone walls are left and the site is made into the park.

Morioka Castle

I walked uphill to the castle area. Then took the stair to Honmaru, the highest level of the castle.

Morioka Castle - Nanbu Toshinaga Monument

Honmaru is the area where the destroyed fort is original on. Then it’s the place for Nanbu Toshinaga Monument. He is the 42th head of Nanbu Clan. The clan who has the influence in this area.

However the statue on the monument was melt down for material to make weapons during World War 2. The base is left empty until now.

Morioka Castle - Honmaru

Mount Iwate should be seen from here. But the cloud was too thick.

Morioka Castle - Ninomaru

I walked across the bridge to the second highest level Ninomaru.

Morioka Castle - Ninomaru

There are some monuments around this area.

Morioka Castle

The castle ground is now playground and flower garden. (On the left side.)

Then I walked downhill to the below level.

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