Amachan Location Tour : Sea Urchin Bento and Amachan Corner in Kuji Station

Sea Urchin Bento

On the fifth day of my Japan trip. I continued my Amachan location trip by finding the place to buy a sea urchin bento which is known as unidon. One of famous food in the drama.


Because I was afraid the bento will be sold out. I woke up early and went to Santetsu Kuji Station where Sanriku Rias Tei is in.

Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station

Around 7 AM you will hear morning greeting with Amachan theme song in background from the PA system.

Sanriku Rias Tei

At the time I went to the station. The shop hadn’t opened yet.

Sanriku Tetsudo Kuji Station

There is a adjacent building next to the station. Maybe it’s the shop kitchen.

Sanriku Rias Tei

The shop is opened on 7 AM.

Sanriku Rias Tei

There is a corner showing famous people signatures and cute dolls.

Sanriku Rias Tei

Another corner is a place of washbasin.

Sanriku Rias Tei

Sanriku Rias Tei has several food on its menu. The most famous is a sea urchin bento which is featured in the drama.

Amachan Corner in Kuji Station

After I bought the bento. I saw station staff was opening a so-called Amachan corner.

Let’s see this corner before having the unidon!

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