Amachan Location Tour : Ride Sanriku Tetsudo to Kuji

Sanriku Tetsudo Model 300-200

My main reason for visiting Iwate is to visit inspiring and filming location for Amachan. The NHK morning drama (Asadora) about female diver turned famous idol.

I began my Amachan location trip by getting on a Sanriku Tetsudo train to Kuji where is a main film location.

Kita-Rias Line I used to Kuji.

Sanriku Tetsudo (or Santetsu in short.) is a company who operate the first Third Sector railway line that used to be owned by Japan National Raiways (JNR) in Japan. Santetsu operates 2 railway lines: Kita-Rias which runs between Miyako and Kuji and Minami-Rias which runs between Sakari and Kamaishi.

Kitasanriku Tetsudo (or Kitatetsu in short,) in Amachan is based on this company and Kita-Rias line. Their trains are also used as filming locations.

Sanriku Tetsudo Miyako Station

After I returned a bicycle and took the bag I deposited at JR station in the last post. I walked to Santetsu station nearby.

Sanriku Tetsudo Miyako Station

Inside station isn’t large so it’s very crowd at the train departure time. Some of them were tourists who came back from Jodogahama Beach where I rode bicycle to in the last post.

Sanriku Tetsudo Miyako Station

A ticket can be bought from the vendor machine at the counter. Just put the money enough for the fare and choose the station you want to get off. Kuji Station where I want to get off is written in Kanji as 久慈. (Fifth button on the third row.) The price is 1,850 yen.

Because Sanriku Tetsuo doesn’t participate in any JR pass. So I can’t use my JR East Pass for the fare.

Sanriku Tetsudo Miyako Station

Snacks, beverages, souvenirs and goods from Santetsu’s Tetsudou Musume characters and Amachan are sold inside the station too.

Sanriku Tetsudo Miyako Station

Every Santetsu station have this kind of animal statue at the gate to station building. The statues are different at each stations.

Sanriku Tetsudo Model 300-100

Trains normally used on this line are diesel multiple unit (DMU) model 36-100 and 36-200. A different between them is a seat layout. Both models use the same company’s color pattern: blue, red and white which has the following meaning: Sea of Sanriku, Railway Passion and Faithful.

Sanriku Tetsudo Model 300-100

I sat in the last car whose number is 300-101. There are seats that face each others and seats beside windows.

Sanriku Tetsudo Model 300-100

There is a toilet in the back of the car. I think it’s very good idea since the trip is quite long. (About 1 hour and a half.)

Then the train left the station.

2 thoughts on “Amachan Location Tour : Ride Sanriku Tetsudo to Kuji

  1. Kelvin

    Hi there
    I am planning to recreate your route, or at least part of it when I head there this aug/sep.
    I am a big amachan fan as well, but may I ask your advise for the must see if I plan for this part to be around 5 days?
    Thanks a lot!
    ps: if there’s anyway I can add your discord.
    Mine is Noin#7377

    1. AT1987 Post author

      Sorry for late reply.

      I think 3 days or less are enough for your Kuji trip depended on the type of transportation you used. But please check if the attractions you want to visit have still opened. I learnt from one of my reader who went to Kuji found a lot of changes in the city in 2018.

      Hope you have a good trip.


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