Japan Trip 3 : Sensoji Temple & Fujiya Avic Nakano

Sensoji Temple

On the seventh day of my Japan trip. I planed to be around in Tokyo only since I had just returned from Tohoku. I began the day with Sensoji Temple.

Asakusa Station

After finished my morning routine. I took Tokyo Metro train to Asakusa Station like the earlier trips.


It was very cloudy on that day so the top of Tokyo Sky Tree was blocked.

Sensoji Temple

There weren’t many people on Nakamise Street. Many shops still closed too.

Sensoji Temple

I like the street like this because I didn’t have to be worry about someone getting in my view during taking photos.

Sensoji Temple

Even at Hozomon Gate I wouldn’t see many people here.

Sensoji Temple

Although I used to be here for 3 times. Each times my feelings are different. I really like this time because there weren’t many people and it didn’t rain.

Sensoji Temple

The shops began to open with more visitors on my way back to the station. I also saw more people on the street than before.

Nakano Sun Mall

Then I took the train to Nakano Station for the collectors heaven Nakano Broadway. This place make me think of Thai shopping plaza named The Old Siam.

Nakano Broadway

Shops in Nakano Broadway begin to open at about 10 AM except the collector shops like Mandarake that opens at noon. I stopped by Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Nakano Sun Mall for buying some stuffs for my family first.

Nakano Broadway

Some shops I saw about 1.5 years ago such as Utahime Dome where idols CDs, photos and trading cards are sold disappeared and other shops were opened on the same places instead.


My purpose for visiting Nakano Broadway this time is to buy some items at Fujiya Avic. This shop is very well known in audio enthusiasts. Fujiya Avic have 3 shops on the 3rd floor. Part 1 is camera department. Part 2 is desktop music and DJ equipment department. Part 3 is hi-fi audio equipment and headphones department which is my target.


The reason I bought the item I want here is its price is cheapest compared to e-earphone and Yodobashi. I can also apply tax free here. (On that time e-earphone hadn’t participated tax free program yet.)

For the store itself. I think Fujiya Avic has less space for showing products compare to e-earphone. (Shop size is smaller.) However if you found the items you want are available on its website but are shown in the shop. You can try asking the staffs if they can get these items to you or not.

Mandarake Nakano

I looked for idols CDs after finished shopping at Fujiya Avic. Unlucky Trio2 where the female idols goods are sold was closed for stock checking. Mandarake where I used to see it carried them didn’t have many items as I thought. So I didn’t buy any.

Nakano Station

That’s all of my shopping at Nakano Broadway. Then I took the train back to Shibuya for Sushi Midori.

Next time I will write about my lunch at Sushi Midori. Please look forward to it.

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