Japan Trip 3 : Go to Iwate by Tohoku Shinkansen

Hayabusa Shinkansen

After I had parfait and matcha in Harajuku. It’s time to get on the Tohoku Shinkansen at Tokyo Station to Iwate province.

Tokyo Station Shinkansen Platform

Shinkansen platforms are separated from other parts of the station by their gates. A shinkansen reserved ticket must be inserted to them to enter.

Because I had my JR East Pass. So I can show the pass with the reserved ticket to station staff who is beside the gate. Then he let me pass without passing through the gate.

Tokyo Station Shinkansen Platform

There were a lot of people were on the platform. Most of them were tourists or business men.

Tokyo Station Shinkansen Platform

For those who forget to buy their bento. A bento store is here for you. I didn’t buy any bento because I planed to have my dinner at the destination.

Yamabiko Shinkansen

My reserved train was Yamabiko Line that runs between Tokyo and Morioka, the capital city of Iwate. E2 series train have been used in this line since 1997. The seats arrangement in ordinary car is 2 – 3 and has the space above the head for placing baggage.

Yamabiko Shinkansen

With a large leg room, back rest and seat depth adjustable. The seat is quite comfort. However a foldable tray is far from the seat. I have to bend the body into it when using.

Yamabiko Shinkansen

A train staff pushes the cart selling beverage, snacks, desserts and souvenirs after the train leaving each stations it stops.

Yamabiko Shinkansen

Two hours later I had to leave the train at Sendai Station in Miyagi province. Because my seat was reserved from Tokyo to this station only.

 At the time of this trip. It’s a rainy season. The temperature in Tokyo was about 26 – 27 °C. But the weather in Sendai is very cold like in the winter. I had to put more clothes on me to protect from the cold.

Sendai Station

Most stores on the platform were closed. But I had to waiting for Hayabusa Shinkansen I reserved to go to Morioka.

I stood for about half an hour. Looked like the train was coming.

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