L’Arc-en-Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 Part 1

I know it’s four month after the concert and this post will be outdated but I want both English and Thai blog have the same posts. So I write it.

Last year is the golden year of the Japanese song lover in Thailand because X Japan held the concert in Thailand. Many seniors I know don’t miss this show and they queued at Central World to bought the ticket. After X Japan, I heard that L’Arc-en-Ciel who are my favorite band and the first Japanese band I know would hold the concert in Thailand for the first time after they visited in Thailand for promoting their new album in 1999.

 After I heard it, I and my friend @VineCellar began saving the money for ticket. BEC Tero who is the concert organizer began releasing the TV ads. I still did nothing until January 3rd that I know about presale tickets on the concert website. The presale tickets were sold on the January 7th at 0.00. About 10 hours earlier from the official sale schedule. The good thing is I don’t have to queue at ticket office like X Japan concert. Just register at the website and waiting for email that contain the link to buy presale tickets. The problem is I registered on the website 4 days before the presale schedules so I might not get that mail.

Luckily I got the email with the ThaiTicket Major’s special link to buy the presale tickets on January 5th. On January 6th I rushed back from the office to my home. Turned on my PC. Turn off any download tasks and waited for the midnight. While I waited, I read the concert threads on Pantip.com which many people discussing about tickets buying, seats selection and how to do when go to the concert event. (Hey ! But we haven’t got any tickets yet.) Tell the truth. Not counting the Thai band concert that I was forced to enter at high school and mini concert at cosplay event. This will be the first concert in my life.

 At midnight I clicked the link in the email. The link brought me to the presale webpage. I chose the seats and bought the tickets and accidentally added the ticket guarantee.  So the system can’t charged my credit card due to I don’t have enough money for the tickets and ticket guarantee fee. I tried to click back to cancel the guarantee but the system won’t allow me. I tried to make the new purchase but the old purchase was still in the system.

So I give the call to TTM office. Luckily there is the people who still work there. She advised me to wait until the old purchase was time out due to no payment and make the new purchase instead. Finally I got the seat tickets at the position I wanted. (In fact I really want the front of the stage position but it has stand ticket only.) Also many good position seats tickets were sold out within about half an hour.

After finished buying I checked the threads in Pantip.com. It seemed that unregistered users could also buy the tickets if they knew the special link in the email. So many registered users complained about they couldn’t get the best seats due to them. At first I think TTM created the presale system to simple but after I got other countries presale tickets email. They use the same method as  TTM.

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Finally TTM informed us to take the ticket at their outlet. I rushed to Central World Plaza and took the tickets. One for me and other for my friend.

Next time I will write about the concert event if I’m free.

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