My vacation: Shooter

Ikkitousen vol.12, Aria cat president picture book and Nagasarete Airantou vol.10 boxes

Last week I had some vacations and my friend also asked me to went out. How’s my vacation. You can find out in this post.

Thursday my friend asked me to go to see the movie with him. I almost didn’t go because there was a rain in Bangkok in the morning but I thought I was lucky enough. The rain stopped when I left my home.

I took the bus to Central World Plaza where I appointed my friend. It took about one and half hours. When I met him. We went to Kinokuniya to update the books (Sure! They’re manga.) before he warned me to get the movie ticket first so we went to buy tickets at SF cinema counter. The price is more expensive than the last time I watched the movie (Maybe about a year) and they didn’t give any gifts.It’s the tradition of SF to give the magnet with every ticket they sold but maybe they don’t give it anymore.

After we got tickets we had one hour to find the place to eat before the movie was shown. First I wanted to eat at the new burger bar but my friend wanted to eat Japanese food. (He said that It’s more healthy than fast food.) Because I don’t like the Japanese restaurants in Central, the new burger shop was crowd and we searched the shop to eat for half an hour. We ate double cheese burger at McDonald instead.

The movie we watched this day was Shooter. It’s good movie. If you like action movie with some detective flavor, you may like this movie. The production is great but the scene which I thought the best is the opening scene which is protagonist sniper unit scout the enemy in Ethiopia.

After watched shooter I went to Kinokuniya to get the books that I ordered. They are Ikkitousen vol.12, Aria cat president picture book and Nagasarete Airantou vol.10. All come with figures.

Ikkitousen vol.12, Aria cat president picture book and Nagasarete Airantou vol.10 figures

The Thai message on Ikkitousen box say that they can’t open this box for you to review what’s inside.

This is what happen in the last Thursday. The movie is great but I’m little disappointed in Chou-un figure. I will tell you more in her review.

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  1. noxz maze

    i must post in english. graaaaaa!!! post in thai is too easy.about last week i saw a number 23 at sf lardproud and i got a magnet. so i think that’s error only central world. how pour u are. sorry about my english skill.


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