Shopping on holidays.

Sorry! Because I lived with my uncle at his house in front of my university now so I haven’t the opportunity to write any post or shoot any figures but I still have some photos with me. I decided to upload those photos and write the reviews soon. Althought the photos quality aren’t high but they are acceptable.

Last Saturday I went to Central World Plaza to check the new books and take the book I ordered at Kinokuniya as usual

The book I ordered this time is Dengeki Dioh vol.8 which came with Shana figure. After I took a book, my friends and I went to iStudio shop (Thailand Apple seller store chain) to find the Dock cable for my friend’s iPod Nano. The price is high for my friend but later his dad told him on the phone that he bought one for him so he didn’t pay for it.

We had the problem on this day. It’s we can’t choose the place to eat. We look many restaurants. In the last we chose the Italian style pizza on 7th floor, which is very crowd. We have waited for the pizza for 45min. Because my friend had some business after this, so he ate and gave me the money to pay for his part.

About the pizza, it’s very thin and hasn’t many topping on it. It’s good but I prefer the american style pizza like Pizza Huts or Pizza Company and Narai’s pizza.

After I finished eating, I went to look the watch at Casio booth in Isetan. The watch I looked for is the Casio G-Shock AW-582B-7A which is the limited model. There are only 60 watches in Thailand. The price is 2300 baht. At the time of writing, my parents bought it for me. When I finished looking, I’m went back to my home but …

I saw the Gunpla event organized by Bandai dealer. I looked for the Eureka seven TR-909 kit. Finally I found it and buy it for 699 baht. I also bought the Keroro kit to optain the cutting pliers for free. In the event they give Zaku warrior kit for free but you must assemble it in the event. (I also made one.)

Zaku Warrior

That’s all. I haven’t any money left. I hope I will have my money enough for pay the Max Factory’s Haruhi cost.

PS. On Wednesday the Police went to Akiba, the first maid cafe in Thailand, and confiscated the rated R Cartoon and Figures. They said that the Azuka and Rei from Eva in swimming suit stimulate sex pressure. Em….

PS.2 Thank you for my friend’s friend for giving me Gainax Gachapon.

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