Explore Real-Life Pandora at Avatar: The Experience Singapore

Avatar: The Experience

Happy New Year! Last year I visited Singapore’s famous Gardens by the Bay where the Avatar: The experience event is currently held in its Cloud Forest dome.

So, I take this chance to write about it for people who plan to visit Singapore during this time.

Gardens by the Bay MRT Station

To go to Gardens by the Bay, I was lucky that the new MRT Thomson–East Coast line (TEL) which passes my hotel had just opened. The train took me directly to it without changing the train in-between.


The station exit brought me to the garden’s Bay South. It is near Marina Barrage dam where I stopped by to take photos before walking to the dome.

Avatar: The Experience – Ticket

The ticket price is SDG 53 which includes the entry for Cloud Forest and Avatar: The Experience. The combo ticket that includes nearby Flower Dome entry is also available.

Avatar: The Experience – Cloud Mountain

Avatar: The Experience changes the misted forest inside Cloud Forest to tropical jungle in Pandora from Avatar movie.

Avatar: The Experience – Na’vi

On the ground floor, you will find the still and animatronic statues of Pandora life forms together with light and sound show to replicate the bioluminescent jungle in the movie.

I advice you to wear the white clothes so you can play with the UV lights which are used to achieve the fluorescence effect there.

Avatar: The Experience – Avatarize Yourself

Other than the life forms, there is also an interactive area where you can “Avatarize Yourself”. You will get QR code to download your avatar created in this area.

Avatar: The Experience – Fire Pod

The Fire Pod on this floor also changes your shadow into your Na’vi shadow.

Avatar: The Experience

Cloud Forest’s Crystal Garden is also transformed to Hallelujah Mountains with the native species like an animatronics banshee.

From the pattern on its skin, I think this banshee is Bob. Movie hero Jake Sully’s banshee.

Avatar: The Experience – Fly with Banshee

On this floor also has Fly with Banshee, the interactive activity similar to the ones on the ground floor and the show which I didn’t see due to the last show was over when I arrived.

Then I took the elevator to the top floor of Cloud Mountain.

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