Explore Real-Life Pandora at Avatar: The Experience Singapore

Gardens by the Bay – Lost World

On the Cloud Mountain’s top floor is the section named Lost World. The high area plants are shown as usual without decorated in Avatar theme.

Gardens by the Bay – Cloud Walk

Since this was my first visit. I was very excited by the plants showed there and Cloud Walk which leads you to the floor below.

Avatar: The Experience – Ilu

I passed Cloud Forest Gallery on the way down to the ground floor and found the statue of Ilu, the new Pandora sea life-form that appears in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar: The Experience – Tree of Souls Queue

The Avatar event is ended at Cloud Forest Theatre where the path to it is decorated with light fiber optic cables to replicate the “Queue” from the trees.

Avatar: The Experience – Tree of Souls

The theater shows the interactive Tree of Voices atmosphere which can interact with the movement of audiences inside.

Gardens by the Bay – Secret Garden

When I left the theater, I found myself in Secret Garden and Orchid Haven parts of the dome. They are the place where you can see the plants and orchids which are so tiny with the installed magnifying glass.

Avatar: The Experience – Souvenirs

If you are taken photos at the photo booth on The Cavern floor or in Pandora babies show, you can get your photos printed at the exit with the tickets you got.

The souvenir shop there sells the exclusive goods of this event too.

For those who are interested, the event has still held until this March 30 September 2023. If you have a plan to visit Singapore during this time, don’t miss it.

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