Taiwan Trip 1 : Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple

My Taiwan Trip blog is now on the 5th day of the trip. I began the day by visiting Longshan Temple in Taipei.


Longshan Temple was built in 1738 to devote to Guanyin. Tthe temple also devotes to other Chinese gods later.

Longshan Temple Station

After finishing my breakfast at Hotel. I took Taipei Metro to Longshan Temple Station and went to station exit 1.

Longshan Temple

The exit leaded me to nearby Bangka Park. For a few walk I arrived to Longshan Temple.

Longshan Temple – Court Yard

The first thing I saw when passed through the gate was the temple courtyard.

Longshan Temple

There is a waterfall in the courtyard which was built at the present time from the believes that it can help purifying the heart.

Longshan Temple – Dragon Gate

To enter to the temple area. You have to go through the Dragon Gate on the right side. (Beside the waterfall)

Longshan Temple – Guide Map

The worship guideline in English is available near the Dragon Gate when you are in the temple area.

We know how to worship now. Let’s begin.

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