Taiwan Trip 1 : Climbing Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Continuing from the last post. I returned to Taipei Main Station from Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou. So I could take the train to Taipei 101 the highest building in Taiwan.

Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station

I got off the train at Taipei 101–World Trade Center Station and went to Exit 4 which leaded me to the building directly.

Taipei 101 – Observatory Ticketing

The ticket counter and entry are on the fifth floor of Taipei 101 Mall. The ticket was 600 NTD at the time I visited.

Taipei 101 Memorial Photo

People had to be taken a souvenir photo while they were in the line to observatory elevators. If you want it, you can bring the coupon given after taking a photo and pay at the counter on 89th floor.

Taipei 101 – High-Speed Elevator

It didn’t take a long time to reach the observatory elevators. They are used to be certified by Guinness Book that they are the fastest passengers elevator in the world during 2004 – 2015. They are installed by Toshiba Elevator.

Taipei 101 Damper Baby Lucky Red

The elevator brought me to 89th floor where indoor observatory is on. I met Taipei 101 mascot “Damper Baby” named Lucky Red in Magic Monkey costume. Because the year I went is a year of monkey.

Taipei 101 – Infinity Sky

Taipei 101 Observatory has one of a gimmick named Infinity Sky. This observatory part has reflective floor and ceiling which makes an infinity reflection image like we are standing between the earth and the heaven.

Taipei 101 – Stair to 91st Floor

Let’s take the stair to go the 91st floor of Taipei 101.

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