Taiwan Trip 1 : Taiwan Fish Market

Taipei FIsh Market

After we finished paying the respect at Longshan Temple. We went to Taipei Fish Market for having lunch.

Taipei Metro Zhongshan Junior High School Station

To go to the fish market. We took Taipei Metro train to Zhongshan Junior Hight School Station and got on a taxi in front of the station.

Taipei FIsh Market

It took about 10 minutes and we were finally at the market.

Taipei FIsh Market

Outside the building is grilled food zone.

Taipei FIsh Market – Map

The market map was found when we entered inside.

Taipei FIsh Market – Entrance

The market entrance is on the opposite side of grilled food zone. The guard will spray disinfectant on our hands before entering.

Taipei FIsh Market – Aquamarine Area

We saw live sea animals in Aquamarine Area which can be selected and have them cooked at Cooking Service.

Taipei FIsh Market

The next areas are supermarket and restaurants.

Taipei FIsh Market – Beef

Contrast to the market name. Good beef is also available here. You can buy one and have it cook at Cooking Service.

On the next page is the reason that make this fish market famous.

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