Taiwan Trip 1 : Xiangshan Hiking Trail

Taipei 101 from Xiangshan Hiking Trail

My Taiwan trip blog is now on the last day of the trip. Because I hadn’t taken enough Taipei 101 photos. I decided to go to Xiangshan or Elephant Mountain to take photos of it.

Xiangshan Station Exit 2

To go to there. I took the MRT to Xiangshan Station and used exit 2.

Xinyi Road

I walked along the street beside Xiangshan Park and turned left at the intersection. Then I went all the way to the building pictured above and turn right.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail

Followed the way and I found the entry point of Xiangshan Hiking Trail. It’s a good idea to prepare yourself, food, beverage and go to the toilet first.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail Map

There are 2 routes to choose from. One is Xiangshan Beixingbao Temple Trail which leads us to the famous photo point giant rocks. Another is Yoshiantian Trail. It’s curtain that I chose the first route.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail

It took me about 15 minutes to reach the first view point.

Taipei 101 from Zhongshan

The view of Taipei 101 here is good enough but I wanted more. So I continued walking to the top.

Xiangshan Hiking Trail

I continued walking on more steep stairs for about 10 minutes. During walking, I was asked by Taiwanese if I could still going to the top.

Finally I saw the Six Giant Rocks.

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