Album Review: Persona 3’s Arrange CD and Fes Soundtrack


Composer: Shoji Meguro
Vocal: Yumi Kawamura/Lotus Juice
Remixer: Lotus Juice
Label: Aniplex

Burn My Dread -Reincarnation:Persona3-
Released: 18 4 2007

Persona3 Fes Original Soundtrack
Released: 2 5 2007

You can listen to the sample songs here.

I took this CD May 26th after I ordered them at my usual shop. I don’t think I will get the first release version. Maybe because I order them three weeks earlier for arrange CD and seven weeks earlier for Fes Soundtrack. Before I review the song. Let’s take a look at the package.

Front cover Back cover

The Package
The arrange CD came with the clear jacket sleeve. The picture on the front of sleeve is Palladion, Aegis’s persona and the back is protagonist, Yukari and silhouette Aegis in the background. Other than sleeve, it also came with the poster which is the same picture as the one on the back of sleeve. On the other side is score of “全ての人の魂の詩” so people who buy the first soundtrack and want to collect the score from this game may be sad because this poster only came with the first release. The last thing is the CD label is printed in full color. I like its package so much although it isn’t as fabulous as the Eureka Seven complete best which I got last year.

Let’s talk about Fes soundtrack’s package. It came with the Psyche clear card and super picture label CD.


Arrange CD
All songs in the arrange CD are rearranged and have longer play time than the original. Except Burn my Dread which is the same as original but has the longer play time. I picked some songs to comment.

  • Burn My Dread
    I think the original Burn My Dread is too short. I prefer to listen the version which came with the bonus disc instead because it’s longer. So when I hear Atlus will release the full version of the song in this album, I ordered the album without thinking. The song is great as always although it’s the original version + Alternate Version plus some filter cut. Yumi’s voice is very powerful. The rhythm of the song make me to move my body along with it.
  • Changing Season
    This version has more bass and drum. I like the original than this version but it isn’t bad song but I like the brass sound which I thing it’s the spot of this song.
  • Want to be Close
    Yumi sing slower than the original. The guitar is very catchy in this song especially in the solo part.
  • Kimi no Kioku
    This version make me to sleep like the lyric. It isn’t bad but it’s great. String sound makes this song more powerful. It’s hard for me to tell them into words but this version suit the meaning of the song.

Fes soundtrack
The music isn’t the same style as the Persona3 soundtrack which is urban genre. Fes is more pop than P3. I like it but also don’t like it. The songs are looked the same but the only vocal track, Brand New Days is the knight who help this album more interesting.

For people who is the fan of this game, don’t miss these CDs. Especially the first limited version which the goodies come with them are good. For people who like urban music, the arrange CD is worth trying out.

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