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There are many new animes in this season. In my opinion there are many animes which interest me but I choose this anime “DARKER THAN BLACK” to write first. (For who don’t want to be spoiled, you may not continue reading. I think I may write about some scenes from episode 1 -4.)

For detail story and spoiler you can find the links in the end of this post. There are many people write a very good review and spoiler than me. For the meaning of some words, I will write the glossary in the end of this post too.

DARKER THAN BLACK is the latest work of BONES who make the many good animes such as Full Metal Alchemist, Rahxephon (My favorite), Eureka Seven (I and My friends favorite.) and Ouran Host Club (also my favorite too.) The story is about the group which send by an organisation to find out the secret of Hell’s Gate. The group consists Hei, the contractor who can discharge electric, Yin, the doll which can observe the areas that near the water source, Mao, the contractor who live in cat body, he is the group’s intelligence and Huang who is the group’s surveillance.


From left to right: Huang, Yin, Hei and Mao

In each story will be divided into the 2 episodes. When you watch first part you will found out the clues or secrets in this episode and the next episode these clues will be reveal but not all of them. I think this kind of story telling pattern is good for this kind of story. It makes audiences think what will happen next while make them want to know the secret is. For people who don’t like heavy story like Ghost in the Shell, DARKER THAN BLACK is good for you too because it don’t put any clues to you at once. Just put a little of them in each episodes so you don’t confuse easily.

DARKER THAN BLACK story header1

In the first story “The Star of a Contract Fell…”, Hei chased French agent for the secret document Hell Gate. After the mission fail because the document wasn’t with that agent but other and he kill him because his anger. He moved to apartment in Tokyo as student from China under the name Li Shunsheng to get closed with the target Chiaki who steal the document for French agent and now was pursued by both Police and French agent.

From this story, we learnt how the world of DARKER THAN BLACK, Contractor and Doll are. We also learnt how important of the Hell Gate and left some clues in the last part when Chiaki who is really the doll help Hei from final blow by French contractor because dolls are emotionless and other clue of Hell Gate.

In the second story “The New Star Twinkles in the Dawn Sky…” started with “Tahara” the man in biosuit ran away in Hell Gate and he found the flowers that emit the seeds and the scence cut to nowaday. This story Hei worked in the same place with Tahara who was once the sole survivor of Hell Gate investigate team and he learnt something happen with his daughter “Mai” who burn the thing unconsciously. After she ran away from home, He followed her and was beside her.

In the first part we suspect the Mai’s blankout and her bandage on her left wrist. We also saw the same flower form the beginning of the story in Mai’s father room. In second part, it has been revealed that that flower seed can suppress the contractor condition but the effect isn’t stay long. He put one seed into her to stop her being contractor but it’s side effect is it makes user being Moratorium which worse than being Contractor and in the last scene we saw how Tahara loves his daughter.

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