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Chocolat cover

Because I get the long vacation. I decided to write the review of the book I bought from the Thailand International Book Fair. I completed reading all of manga I bought but I haven’t finished read the novels and light novels yet. This is the first review. “CHOCOLAT”


Mangaka: KUBONOCHI Eisaku
Publisher: Shogakukan (2000)
Serialized in: Big Comic Spirits
Thai publisher: NED Comics (2003)
Status: 7 Volumes (Complete)

First I thought I write about the Thailand International Book Fair but I thought the event doesn’t interest for me.( It’s just sold the books after all.) So I think I will write the reviews of the books instead. The book that I reviewed is “CHOCOLAT”. I saw these books when I look for the comic books section at NED booth. I suddenly saw the cute girl on the cover so I took a look at these books. (They are packed in complete set.) I bought it without read the description on the back cover.

The story begins with the release of Katou Ichiko.The Omugi syndicate member who has been in prison for 5 years. His dream is to be the highest point in syndicate world but He discovers that his boss “Omugi Matsuyoshi” disbanded the gang and opened the bakery shop for his deceased wife “Maya” sake.In the same time, Tatsumi Chiyoko who is the Maya and her old husband’s daughter comes to live with Matsuyoshi because her father is in debt and leave her. How Ichiko do to accomplish his dream and how Chiyoko live with her new father and family of the old gangster. You can find out in Chocolat.

My opinion.
After I bought it I thought that is it as good as the cover I saw. However I think it’s great book after I read all of 7 volumes. The story is great. You will see the main character, Ichiko and Chiyoko, growing after several events. For the fan of Yakusa comic, there are many Yakusa materials in this comic. There are some blood and gore scenes but they don’t make over-all bad. There are also many humorous scenes throughout the story but the most important topic in Chocolat is family. There are many parts that discuss about what the family is. I think the mangaka is good for expressing about the family concept while not annoy the other plots and gags even these scenes aren’t make me cry but I’m touched.

Chocolat is the great comic. If you like humorous with some slice of life comic, this manga is for you. After reading you will know more about the meaning of family.

PS. Sorry for my English. If you found the mistakes please tell me. Thanks!

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