eb!コレ+ Kimikiss


Enterbrain re-released their hit love-sim game Kimikiss again. For people like me who can’t find the game to buy (legal or illegal copy) or people who have just watch the anime and want to play game, is a very good news.

The game is the same as the one they release before but for people who reserved this game before it’s released will get the stuff DVD which is full of the side story game and drama cd (in MP3 format) that used to release with many magazines (such as Tech Gain) at the time which game was released. There is also the new omake game for the upcoming valentine day “Eriko’s chocolate and workshop”. For many Kimikiss fan who can’t get those stuff, now you can get it easier and cheaper. For who have already owned the game, you may want the new omake game.

Kimikiss eb!コレ+ will be released on the upcoming valentine day. (This year valentine day is very busy day because Nagato Yuki figma will also be release on this day.) I have already ordered it.

Don’t miss the PV here!

You can get it at Play-Asia.

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