“La clef ~迷宮の鍵~” KOTOKO special single for Dragon Age Pure Magazine


Today I went to Kinokuniya as usual and saw this magazine.

I have waited it for almost two months. First I know that this DA pure issue will come with special single by Kotoko from the its last issue which came with the ” Uki♪ Uki♪ Katchi Moe♪Moe♪ figure”. First I thought that issue will be the last issue for me because DA pure haven’t any plan to make the figure for now but this issue is exception because it come with  Kotoko song.

This song name is “La clef ~迷宮の鍵~” (La clef ~meikyu no kagi~) which mean “La clef ~ key of labyrinth ~”. It’s for the “異国迷路のクロワーゼ” (Ikoku Meiro no Kurowaze) manga. I haven’t read manga yet but the loli style drawing is great. It also has the KOTOKO interview about the song inside.

The song is good in my opinion. You can even just buy it just for this single. KOTOKO fan don’t miss this.


word: KOTOKO
music and arrange: Iuchi Maiko
guitar: So Kazuhisa
Came with Dragon Age Pure Magazine vol.08

Track list

  1. La clef ~迷宮の鍵~
  2. La clef ~迷宮の鍵~ instrumental ver.
  3. La clef ~迷宮の鍵~ short ver.


Go here!

PS. Too bad this issue doesn’t has Bansoukou no Yuuwaku. Ah!

PS.2 If I have the time, I may translate the lyric for you.


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