Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

It’s quite a long time that I haven’t updated anything on my blog due to my work. Today let’s see the review of Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013.

Last time I told you in the band’s weekly calendar review that the band will also release their own version of calendar. They revealed the information about it on the last week of last December. I’m really sad to know that it have to be order at Kinokuniya physical store in Japan only.

Luckily Nogizaka46 opened their official web shop on the new year and it carries this calendar too. So I ordered mine from here.

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

This calendar set contains 4 pages of calendar, 2 photos, clear file and 2 code for listen the voices of members on their Mobile Premium site. There are 2 voices type for each girls. One is “Thank you” and “Rooting”. One code can only listen one voice only.

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

Let’s see the calendar. They are 4 sheets of card paper. Tell the truth I didn’t expect that it will be like this. They are separated. No hole for hanging. No stand. OMG !

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

Continue to the photos. The costume is based on the one using in Seifuku no Mannequin PV. Although it’s good, I don’t get any of my ohsimens.

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

Because the web shop has the grand opening promotion. I also get this special clear file as the present.

Nogizaka46 Official Calendar 2013

This calendar set is worse than AKB48 calendar I reviewed earlier. They only put the thing that fans want to collect like clear file and photo in it and don’t care how calendar look like. The price included delivery cost and COD is very expensive.

Other thing is the code for listen to the voice. On Mobile Premium site states that it supports iOS and Android based smart phones but when I redeemed the code to listen to the voice. There was the problem with the site that I can’t listen to it when I tried to listen again. My quota was over and had to redeemed the code again. I think these codes is the method they try to bring more member to Mobile Premium site.

So if you are looking for the calendar, please skip this. If you want the photos, don’t order it separately on the web shop. Order it with other stuffs or buy it from the band’s event instead. The last is that voice codes are junks. Don’t care for them.

More info

Nogizaka46 Web Shop

PS. Don’t think I’m Nogizaka46 hater. I really love them enough to try out their goods. Although it’s super expensive.

PS.2 Maybe that calendar sheet is for pin board ?

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