Shock! T.M.Revolution on Thai TV Program

Shock! T.M.Revolution in Thai TV Program

First I thought it’s just kidding but it’s real. Takanori Nishikawa who is also known as T.M.Revolution appeared on this week “Ching Roi Ching Lan” as special guest.

Shock! T.M.Revolution in Thai TV Program

Shock! T.M.Revolution in Thai TV Program

He played with the actors by giving them a toy sword but told them that it’s a real samurai sword. Because of his action. He got the penalty.

From the interview, he said that this was the second time he came to Thailand for shooting for TV program. This time he came to Wat Yan Nawa temple where the monk who foretell his life said that he should appear on the Thai TV program and he chose Ching Roi Ching Lan becuase it’s the high rating program. His next works will be concert in Japan and he will held concert in New York next year.

Very rare to see the Japanese singer come to Thailand but next year Hironobu Kageyama of JAM Project will be held the concert in Thailand too.

Here’s the video from official site. It seemed that the video was deleted from the official site. I used to have the video but I lost it when my hard disk’s broken. If I find the video, I will put it on this page again.

One thought on “Shock! T.M.Revolution on Thai TV Program

  1. april

    hi, i’m a big fan of Takanori Nishikawa.
    I know he went to Thailand in November but didn’t know he appeared on TV program of Thai.
    Oh I really want to watch the program!
    The video of his trip in Thailand is going to be broadcasted on TV in Japan, on 31st this month.


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