Thai Manga Book

Thai Manga Book

Recently there is the message from reader to me asking what difference between original manga and Thai manga. First I thought I will just reply to the message since it’s simple questions but thinking again. I should share it to other readers instead.

PS. I wrote this post based on my experience so I won’t guarantee that everything I wrote is right. Thai people if you find something wrong please inform me.

Although manga came to Thailand before I was born. The official licensed manga began (maybe) about 16 years ago and it continued to evolve to be ones I read nowadays. In Thailand we call manga “cartoon”. It’s also used for calling anime too.

Thai version manga book

Thai version of Kaicho wa Maido-sama

Thai version manga book

Detective Encyclopedia featured in Detective Conan cover. The same as Japanese version. This volume is about Yukawa Manabu of Galileo

Thai manga has the same size as Japanese one and usually has two cover. Color outer cover and monotone inner cover. That’s the same as Japanese version but sometime the content which is printed on inner cover in Japanese version such as omake, 4-coma cartoon, etc. is changed to the what print on outer cover in monotone instead on Thai version.

Thai Manga Book

All pages usually print in grayscale. All color pages in original will be convert to grayscale. The content is read from left to right but recently there are some titles that are read from right to left as same as the original. If you read the real one you will notice that Thai manga has lower paper and printing quality than the original. Especially converted color pages that are blurry.

Thai Manga Book

Kampfer’s Natsuru is tranfroming. Notice the effect texts are covered her breast and secret part.

The content usually the same as original but some nude and gore scenes are censored. Thai version often uses effect texts to censor them. Sometime some texts meaning are alter to be softer tone such as Great Teacher Onizuka. If they’re too explicit, they will end publishing those titles such as Gantz, Tenjho Tenge, etc.

Tenjho Tenge was published only 3 – 4 volumes before the company stopped publishing because the later volumes have very explicit contents.

Thai Manga Book

Thai Manga Book

Thai Manga Book

Thai version of Kampfer has the same features as Japanese version except the text is Thai.

Thai version of manga average price is usually 40 – 45 Baht but the price was increased to 45 – 50 baht recently. There are some companies publish the manga books that have all features (omake covers, color pages, etc.) which Japanese ones have except the content language is Thai and some part of contents are censored. The paper and printing quality are also higher. Their price is 55 – 60 Baht. The premium titles such as Fujiko F. Fujio’s short stories collection and very thick manga books are sold at more than 100 Baht.

The comic magazine price is 40 – 60 Baht. Most popular magazines are C-Kid, BOOM and KC.Weekly. C-Kid and BOOM are published titles from Shounen Jump. (If you want almost complete Shounen Jump in Thailand, you should buy and combine them together.) KC.Weekly is published titles from Kodansha.

You can buy manga books from manga book stores where usually are near the academic facilities, in department stores, at bus stops, etc. Some shops also give you a 10% discount and points for exchange to manga books if you collect enough points. Some people prefer second hand books which can buy them at second hand book stores. Although they’re harder to find. They usually sell the manga books at 50% of their original prices.

For who don’t want to buy them. You can rent manga books from rental stores. First you must sign up for the store membership which usually cost you 100 – 150 baht and it’s never expired. The rental fee is 3 – 6 Baht per 3 days.

That’s all about manga in my country. How about yours. Please share !

If you want to buy original version of manga. CD JAPAN offers the complete set of manga titles. Check them out !

PS. Photo of manga book store from OH!anime.

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  1. breelaun

    I’m in America, is there a way I can buy some Manga in Thai? if so how? Im really looking for “full ahead, coco” Thank you for your time.


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